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Dog friendly summer in Barcelona, city with pet friendly style

Barcelona, a city that favors the dog friendly environment Do you get to the city, do you have a pet and do not know where you can move? Quiet! Barcelona offers a variety of places, establishments and activities% 100 dog friendly. From beaches, cultural activities, parks to play and let loose, restaurants and food establishments, […]


Enjoy a gluten-free summer full of flavors

Enjoy a gluten-free summer full of flavors The Celiac Association of Catalonia is fully involved in activities and events where it represents the celiac community. In addition, it puts in contact all those affected people so that they share their experience and experiences. Together they learn to take an appropriate diet without gluten to be […]

Catalonia is also inclusive in summer

Catalonia collects a wide variety of summer schools for children, teenagers and young people with functional diversity. The inclusion and equality of opportunities of people with disabilities and functional diversity is a struggle that has been working for years. And summer is not an excuse to rest for these rights. Therefore, there is a great […]

Integration and autonomy of the blind

The Metropolitan Transport of Barcelona (TMB) has adapted its facilities and notifications for the blind. The metro, the bus and the tram are an example of integration and autonomy for them. They have both aural and tactile help to facilitate integration, independent living and the autonomy of these people.

Aliança per l’accessibilitat universal

El FC Barcelona, l’Obra Social la Caixa, l’empresa de geolocalització Mapp4All Universal Accessibility i el Districte de les Corts signen conjuntament un manifest d’aliança per l’accessibilitat universal amb la finalitat de millorar la qualitat de vida del conjunt de la ciutadania i promoure la inclusió. La trobada dels agents implicats serà el dijous 15 de […]

Human diversity

Human diversity is immense: gender, skin color, political tendencies, religious … Human diversity is also related to accessibility. Diversity is related to the needs that people have to access an establishment, a service, a product, etc. It is what is called universal accessibility. At mapp4all we want to create an accessibility map, a map that […]