Catalonia is also inclusive in summer

Catalonia collects a wide variety of summer schools for children, teenagers and young people with functional diversity.

The inclusion and equality of opportunities of people with disabilities and functional diversity is a struggle that has been working for years. And summer is not an excuse to rest for these rights. Therefore, there is a great variety of adapted activities for summer for children and young people with special needs, cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities.

Among them are adapted activities such as excursions, days in the pool and adapted sports. For example, Fundació EIR-El Niu has promoted from the beginning the social inclusion and the schooling of students with special educational needs to ordinary schools. It gives them support to create favorable conditions. Grouped according to age, they follow the methodology that best adapts to the characteristics and pedagogical needs of each of them.

The Esclat Pro People Association with Cerebral Palsy is not far behind. It offers a variety of activities open to any child or young person with mobility impairment in school age in the summer center. During those days, young people do all kinds of activities such as going to the pool and hiking.

In addition, sport is one of the disciplines that add to this cause. The Eurostage Caldetes holiday center offers young basketball camps between 12 and 21 years of special education. They can enjoy a training to learn how to improve technique, tactics and team play with professional coaches. This adventure is done for a week. Participants can take part in leisure activities, games and outings to get along and promote interaction among all.

On the other hand, in the Casal Multiesportiu Adaptat ‘Sport Jove’, children and adolescents who suffer from mental or emotional problems, relational, family and who may be in a situation of vulnerability and / or at risk of social exclusion practice football, basketball and activities in the pool, among others.

El Casal Multiesportiu "Sport Jove" ofrece cursos de deporte adatado

However, summer activities do not just stay in the urban area. The Xera Educational Association offers ‘Agost al Bosc’ a daily service of adapted activities, swimming pool and excursions during the last week in August and the first week in September in a rural environment. Includes food and specialized monitors. It is done at the Vil·la Joana Special Education Center.

There is still much to do and improve the inclusion and equal opportunities of these groups. The associations and centers that are part of our society work to create accessible spaces and activities for children, adolescents and young people. They also favor psychopathological improvements and contribute to their development, seeking education in values.


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