Accessibility in terms of innovation and quality of life

Quvitec is committed to innovation in improving the accessibility and quality of life of its patients. Health professionals advise people with functional difficulties and value the spaces in their environment to provide accessibility and a life as autonomous as possible.

Quvitec (Quality of life and technology) started its journey 17 years ago in the Barcelona neighborhood of Vallcarca. Roger Gómez, physiotherapist and orthopedic technician, founded the center in 2001. Roberto Salvador, occupational therapist and nowadays, technical director of the center, joined in 2003. His objective is to offer an integral and quality service of assessment, counseling and education of support products.

Quvitec is formed by six occupational therapists and a physiotherapist who offer an integral service throughout Catalonia. Although its main area of action is the metropolitan area of Barcelona. The health professionals know the pathologies and the evolution of them to give an optimal sanitary technical service. They are responsible for adapting the homes, places of leisure and work of people with some functional or mobile difficulty. From a rehabilitative view, they are offered the opportunity to make life as autonomous as possible.

In a first interview, they value the user’s motor ability. And, in a second, they value the physical space of the patient’s home. In addition, they reeducate patterns of daily activities such as food, clothing, leisure and productivity to ensure their autonomy.

On the other hand, Quvitec has constantly evolved in the accessibility of its premises and training of its professionals. So much so that in 2007 they decided to move to a larger space without architectural barriers in the Sant Andreu neighborhood, a flat area with good accessibility in the middle of transport.

Quvitec cuenta con un local amplio y accesible

In addition, professionals have the knowledge and sensitivity to communicate with people with a visual or auditory deficit. Its constant training in innovation and development of techniques and products guarantees a good quality of service and attention to its users.

Currently, they provide technical advice to Metropolitan Transport of Barcelona (TMB) with the regulations and usability of scooters in public transport. They also developed accessibility studies together with ACCEPLAN to make accessible housing.

They give training courses to health technicians such as physiotherapists and occupational therapists Quvitec cuenta con un baño accesible que a la vez sirve como showroom para los clientesin the area of mobility, ulcer prevention, activities of daily living and transfers. At the family level, in collaboration with the Parkinson’s Association and the Vallès Amics de la Neurologia Association (AVAN), training sessions have been given to caregivers of people with functional diversity and even to the user. In the same place, they have an adapted bathroom that works as a showroom.

They also work as an internship training center because they have an agreement with the university school Fundación Sant Llàtzer de Terrassa. Third and fourth grade therapists perform internships each year.

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