Accessibilitat per a sords en transport públic i ofertes culturals

In Barcelona you can find places, activities and means of transport that favor the autonomy and inclusion of people with auditory deficit to our culture. Museums, theaters, exhibitions and public transport have systems to provide accessibility for the deaf. And so, can enjoy and enrich our culture without any obstacles.

In the first place, to get access to all these opportunities it is essential to be able to move around the city without any obstacle.

Metropolitan Transport of Barcelona TMB

The Metropolitan Transport of Barcelona, ​​a benchmark in accessibility, adapts its vehicles to people with some hearing impairment. Subway platforms and bus stops have information screens even inside the vehicles. Also signaling and warning lights for closing doors. Tourists can also benefit from the magnetic loop enabled in the tour buses.

Casa Batlló

The Casa Batlló, building and now museum of the modernist architect Antoni Gaudí, is a work worth visiting. Its architecture is inspired by the organic forms of nature. The fascinating expectation that this work causes is the result of the great creative freedom and imaginative ornamental creation that inspired Gaudí. Always out of the rational and classic style.

Accesibilidad para sordos Casa Batlló texto de audioguía

The non-listening public can soak up the history and details of this work of art thanks to the audio guides on paper available in ten different languages: Catalan, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Portuguese.

CaixaForum and CosmoCaixa

Accesibilidad para sordos CosmoCaixa bucle magnético y visitas guiadas con lenguaje de signos

The CaixaForum cultural center and the CosmoCaixa science museum, both managed by La Caixa, have adapted spaces and materials.

The reception, shop, restaurant, Auditorium, Classroom 1 and Classroom 2 of CaixaForum have a magnetic loop. In addition, guided tours of the exhibitions, building and its garden provide oral communication and signatories for deaf people.

However, CosmoCaixa has a wide variety of hearing accessibility. The reception, the ticket offices, the shop, the restaurant and the Planetary Room have a permanent magnetic loop.

On the other hand, in the guided tours they provide FM equipment with individual magnetic loop and service in sign language. Sign language is available in Catalan (LSC), Spanish (LSE) or international sign system (SSI). They also offer specific communication techniques for deaf people who do not use sign language.

The temporary exhibitions are adapted with subtitling in audiovisuals.

Accesibilidad para sordos CaixaForum bucle magnético y visitas guiadas con lenguaje de signos


Another of the artistic disciplines that adds to the cause is the theater.

The Liceu has been working for 3 years in favor of accessibility for people with total or partial deafness. Its adaptation to this type of audience is very complete since its spaces, materials and functions are equated to offer an effective service for this audience.

The Hall, the ticket office, the Rambla wardrobe and the Foyer are equipped with a magnetic loop. Thus, people with hearing aids fully enjoy operas and listen to music with greater clarity and quality.

In the 2017-2018 season they offered 9 functions with audio description. Between them:

Accesibilidad para sordos Liceu subtítulos

In addition, they have other types of equipment to allow cultural accessibility for all. The functions offer subtitles in Catalan, Spanish and English. And people with some type of disability can benefit from social prices. These must be accredited by the Department of Labor, Social Affairs and Families of the Generalitat. The companions can be done with a 30% discount on the same day of the function.


The Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona MACBA exhibits works made during the second half of the 20th century. The museum is sensitive to the accessibility and integration of all people. Therefore, the third Sunday of each month offers visits to the general public in sign language.

Accesibilidad para sordos interpretación audiovisual

However, in summer (July, August, September) they move to the third Wednesday of each month. This summer they will exhibit the following works:

For group visits to exhibitions and family workshops, in particular, it is possible to request interpretation in sign language or communication services such as magnetic loop and transcripts.

Santiago’s road

Accesibilidad para sordos Camino de Santiago CataluñaFinally, if we want to know our culture in an exploratory way and in the open air, the Camino de Santiago in Catalonia is also possible to do it with the Audio Guide Signs. The historic and well-known Camino has information on each of its 16 stages in sign language and subtitles in Spanish. The route in Catalonia starts from Port de la Selva to Alcarrás. This information can be downloaded on any MP4 device that we have on hand.


If you are interested in knowing more places and establishments suitable for people with hearing deficit, consult the free Mapp4all application. In it you can find any kind of accessible place and business in Barcelona and its surroundings.