Frequent questions

Mapp4all is a Smartphone application that provides location and information about general interest points and specific features about accessibilitat i facilitats per a certs col·lectius.

The criteria contemplated by Mapp4all in their different levels are:

Reduced mobility

Audit deficit
Visual impairment
Help with babies

Mapp4all is an ‘app’ for free. It can be downloaded from the web or from PlayStore AppStore or Google.

The locals are coming out that have been requested or users or through Mapp4All incorporating information located.

The certification is given by users or by the owners. All the information can be updated based on personal experience.

These are the times that have requested or Mapp4all be joined through localized information.

Yes, we can add all local. It is important that the information we are contrasted with the owners of the premises. In case of not knowing for sure some accessibility best answer N / S or ask the property

Any local and / or establishment. Everyone we agree on one point or another in our lives in any type of establishment (Note, bookstore, store, cinema etc …)

Choose your Mapp4all proposal and consider joining.

Just click on the + symbol you will find on the lower left of the map and follow the steps that will appear to include the information of the site:

  • Job title
  • Location on map
  • Type of space (bar, cafeteria, cinema, transport station, bank office, etc.)
  • In the next screen you will find the types of accessibility to include in the information of the place.


Any establishment or place in which a person can access: bars, cafes, ATMs, cinemas, theaters, hotels, tourist attractions, subway stations, car parks, restaurants, public services, shops, gardens, parks and beaches.

Adding an establishment and not a specific category, just include it in the type “Other”. We will incorporate specific types as needed.

NO. It is good to include information anywhere levels of accessibility for its users to know its features before visiting them.

NO. Just add what you know and leave blank information you do not know. By including the space, the rest of the users will see it and they will be able to complete the missing information.

YES. If you detect that the information about the space is wrong, you have more information to complete the tab or you want to include comments, you can edit the information of the space. So when someone clicks on this space, you will see that it was created by the previous user and modified by you with the last update date.

You can search the map by address or by filtering by type of location. To display the filters you must click on the top of the map and select the ones that you want to appear. This way on the map you will see only the posts of the category that you have chosen.

If you have not solved your question, write to us and I will respond.