Discovering the earth and space universe in summer with the family

In summer season we like to relax and enjoy the good weather accompanied by the family. Barcelona offers learning activities such as science and routes for hiking or cycling. It is perfect for a summer with your family!

Science with the family

Every year, for 12 seasons, the Ciutadella Park hosts the Science Festival. This year there were more than 230 activities that were held on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 June. From morning to late evening.

This year’s activities brought together environmental themes, micro-debates and debates, amazing assemblies, museums, living longer, living better, data cloud and mathematical challenges, the technological revolution, scenarios, the thinking machine and, robots and makers. A luxury to have so much variety.

Science for kids

Ciencia en familia con los peques

They were aimed at all types of audiences, from the youngest and youngest to adults. In addition, it included the Escape Room “Hope: the Genetic Key”. One of the most fashionable games of recent times. This one in particular, tried to challenge our mind and put our knowledge in biomedicine to the test.

Workshops, exhibitions and visits with the family

On the other hand, cultural centers such as CaixaForum and CosmoCaixa offer fun activities for the family audience. Workshops that stimulate creativity and imagination, exhibitions, family visits and film screenings to learn about culture, art and science.

CaixaForum offers the opportunity to introduce the smallest in the world of forensic sciences. They will learn to examine clothes, reveal fingerprints and collect evidence at the crime scene. They also let the children’s imagination fly, building with plasticine and lighting their own creations with the help of electronic circuits

Perseids from the Plaza de la Ciencia, CosmoCaixa

August is the time of the Perseids. A meteor shower that takes place every year in the middle of summer. They are also known as Tears of San Lorenzo. For this reason, in the Plaza de la Ciencia of CosmoCaixa, an observation session will be held on the night of August 11. In it, we can observe these meteors and, in addition, the planets Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. They will help us identify each of these planets with the naked eye, and also be able to observe them through the telescope so that we can inspect them in detail.

Family outdoor getaways

Although, who does not like outdoor getaways to discover corners of our area? Going out of the city and doing a route on foot or by bike can be a fun activity to breathe fresh air and do a little exercise.

Delta del Llobregat

Descubriendo el Delta de Llobregat en verano en familia

In Delta de Llobregat there are two routes that take us to corners of the fauna and flora of our coast. In it we can discover the ruins of the old Caserna de los Carrabiners and the traffic light, a historic building from the late nineteenth century, which regulated maritime traffic that has now become a perfect bird-watching point.

If we follow the road of the Bunyola, it will take us to the Mirador del Aeropuerto del Prat. From the seats of stones, we can contemplate the constant arrival and departure of aircraft. They fly over our heads a few meters and thus, we can feel them and observe them with greater precision.

El Prat Airport viewpoint

Once there, we can choose between two itineraries: one takes us to the mouth of the Llobregat and the other ends in the ruins of the Caserna de los Carrabiners.

The first one will take us to walk next to the river side, visiting the viewpoint of Cal Lluquer, the Tower of Cal Malet, the beach of Ca l’Arana or the Estany de Cal Tet. Meanwhile we can discover a variety of fish and birds.

Walk along the Llobregat River

Paseo junto al río Llobregat en familia

And the second, we will find the Torre de la Bunyola, the Caserna de los Carrabiners and the traffic light.

Barracks of the Carrabiners
La caseta de los Carrabiners en el delta de Llobregat
Sea traffic light
Semáforo de mar en el Delta de Llobregat

So, if so much activity gives us a little bit of hunger, we consulted the free application of Mapp4all. In it you can find any establishment and filter the accessibility they offer to go with our children. From baby highchairs and changing tables to an adapted area for children to entertain themselves.