Human diversity

Human diversity is immense: gender, skin color, political tendencies, religious … Human diversity is also related to accessibility.

Diversity is related to the needs that people have to access an establishment, a service, a product, etc. It is what is called universal accessibility.

At mapp4all we want to create an accessibility map, a map that tells us which establishments best suit our needs.

What can these needs be? All. People with disabilities (motor, hearing, visual) have special needs, but they are not the only ones in need of accessibility information. There are other people with other needs such as people who have a pet, those who have a baby, those who have a food allergy or any type of barrier that prevents a person from accessing the same as the one next to them.

To build a positive map is our goal. When we write our curriculum we put what we know how to do and what our capabilities are and we do not put what we do not know how to do. Therefore, mapp4all speaks positively. What it is about is to inform and share: where and with whom I can go, every day of our lives and not only when we go on vacation. Mapp4all allows us to locate an establishment that meets the requirements we are looking for. A person in a wheelchair can have babies and a pet. Therefore, in mapp4all we can search for establishments with several accessibility requirements.

Mapp4all is the first collaborative information platform on universal accessibility.

It is interactive, any registered user for free can register an establishment in any city in the world. In addition, you can comment and assess that accessibility:

Is a local for a small pet as accessible as a large one? Do some parents with babies look for the same thing as some potatoes with older children? Or simply, does a young person in a wheelchair consider an establishment as accessible as an elderly person with an electric wheelchair?

The users will certify and inform about the different degrees of accessibility of the establishments and we can all benefit from this information.

On the other hand, mapp4all will evolve with users. That is, other degrees of accessibility may be included depending on the demand of the users, of the people.

Mapp4all benefits the entire population, cities and businesses.

  • Free for users, in nine languages ​​and available for ANDROID and IOS, mapp4all wants to help 100% of the population.
  • Mapp4all benefits the cities, since they will have a map of the city that will help them see what actions they can put in place based on the results of the information obtained.
  • Finally, companies will gain customers based on their progress towards excellence in accessibility, and also have greater awareness of entrepreneurship.